Hide and Peek Shrug

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Hide and Peek Shrug
  • Hide and Peek Shrug
  • Hide and Peek Shrug
  • Hide and Peek Shrug
  • Hide and Peek Shrug
  • Hide and Peek Shrug
  • Hide and Peek Shrug
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Two basic shapes form the construction of this sleeveless shrug. A touch of simple knitting origami and three easy-sewn seams transform the fabric into a 3-dimensional garment.

Created with two contrasting yarns, this unique stitch causes one color to ‘peek’ out through the open mesh window-pane structure, resulting in a subtle and sophisticated two-tone effect.

Have fun choosing the highlight color - use odds and ends from your stash, or perhaps that wild hand-dyed skein you just can’t quite decide what to do with…

Versatility is at the core of my designs and this shrug proves to be no exception. Wear it over a camisole when the over zealous air conditioning strikes in summer, and team it with long sleeves during the colder months.

Sample in size Small/Medium used: 
Main Color (MC): 970 yards/887 meters of “Onyx” 
Contrast Color (CC): 239 yards/219 meters of “Optic”

MC: 1,149 yards/1051 meters 
CC: 283 yards/259 meters

Extra Large: 
MC: 1,352 yards/1236 meters 
CC: 333 yards/304 meters

Size Options: 
Small/Medium - Fits 34” bust with 3-5” of ease

Medium/Large - Fits 38” bust with 3-5” of ease

Extra Large - Fits 42” bust with 3-5” of ease

PDF pattern download. Written instructions.

Pattern has been tech edited. 

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